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Natural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait

In the past, having a tooth repaired with a crown only occurred in stages. First, there was the initial appointment for the temporary and casting impressions. Then there was a delay while an out of town lab made the permanent crown. Then a second, follow-up appointment took place for your dentist to place the crown. If it didn’t fit correctly, then the entire process started all over again.

What a difference modern technology makes! Instead of a two-week timeframe, in just a couple of hours your new, permanent crown will be ready. With CERECâ„¢ computer-aided design and milling, the fit will be perfect, the crown will be durable, and the beautiful appearance will simulate the look of a natural tooth. Our patients love this new technique for fitting and placing crowns.

The process is simple. With a special camera, a detailed image is captured and displayed on our computer screen. We then design the restoration and CEREC creates the crown. Next, we insert and bond the restoration to your tooth. Like our other patients, you will be delighted with how easy this is!