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Replace Missing Teeth with Incredible Dental Implant Restorations

What if it were possible to “grow” new teeth? Would you be among the first to put your name on the list for the process? Of course, you would! Unfortunately, growing new teeth still only exists within the realm of science fiction. In the meantime, we can offer you the next best thing – dental implants. You’ll appreciate the natural look and how well these implants function. They are the ideal solution for replacing your missing teeth.

What makes them appear so much like your original teeth are that they actually come up through your gums. Implants can provide you with the necessary stability to chew any type of food and give you a great-looking smile. They can replace one or many missing teeth. Even patients with no teeth can benefit, as they can anchor upper and lower dentures and eliminate embarrassing movement when you speak or eat. Here at Stutler Dental, we handle the entire procedure, so we won’t have to refer you to another office.

Immediate Load Implants – Another Option

Dentures that shift in your mouth – who needs them! We can eliminate undesirable movement for denture wearers with All-on-4™ immediate load implants. With only four implants, dentures can be secured permanently. They’re referred to as an immediate load because there is no waiting time for the bone around the implant to heal. All on the same day, you can have the implants positioned in our office and go home and eat whatever you like.

New Breakthrough for Loose, Slipping Dentures

Denture wearers, mini implants are your solution if you were told insufficient bone density prevented you from becoming a candidate for implants. These small miracles can be installed pain-free, in a single visit. They will anchor your dentures and relieve you of all the problems of slipping, tilting, and trapped food. That means the same day, you can eat whatever you like. We are dedicated to helping you smile more!

Overdentures – The Answer for Slipping Dentures

Overdentures are another solution for securing your denture or bridge. They halt the frustration caused by slipping or tilting movements when you eat or speak. Overdentures have the same stability as implants, and once you experience how well they fit, your confidence will soar. Giving you a great reason to smile wide!

If traditional dentures are your best option, you can rest in the knowledge that we can design a set that will be very natural looking and fit so accurately that they can’t slip. With improvements in dental technology, your denture plate can be anchored solidly. You’ll no longer be a concern by sliding motions when you eat or talk. Please ask us how we can make your life easier.